[R] Repost:lattice graphics -- legend color problems

Heidemeier Dr, Joachim joachim.heidemeier at uba.de
Thu Nov 20 08:27:39 CET 2008

Hello R-folks,

I don't get the color of the legend in a lattice-plot right.
I select a palette from RColorBrewer and use (with a col = mypalette argument) it in the barchart plot.
The resulting graph shows the new palette in the graph, but uses the standard palette in the legend rectangles.
 Adding a col argument into auto.key uses the new palette
with the legend text, but not in the rectangle fill.
What am I missing?



---------code ---------

# palette auswählen
mypalette <- brewer.pal(7,"Accent")
pathBarchartFGE <- function(selector,data,dimension = 2,title = NULL,p = mypalette) {
# umwandeln für lattice Grafiken
dfvar <- as.data.frame.table(data)
names(dfvar) <- c("Zeitraum","FGG","Pfad","Fracht")
dfsel <- subset(dfvar,dfvar$FGG %in% selector)
barchart(Zeitraum ~ Fracht | FGG, layout = c(1,3), groups = Pfad, stack = TRUE , col = p,
data = dfsel, xlab = "Einträge (t/a)",auto.key = list(title = "Pfade",columns = 2,space = "bottom"),main = title)

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