[R] Check for date variable in a arbitrary dataset

Harsh singhalblr at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 09:39:38 CET 2008

This is my first time posting to the R-help list and I apologize for
the apparent triviality of my query.
I am creating an R script to create Univariate Exploratory Analysis of
a input dataset (No meta-data to provide extra information about each
Providing summary statistics is possible in case of numeric data and
using all.is.numeric() from the Hmisc package allows me to filter out
those columns with alpha-numeric content.

I have tried to check if a column is a date field or not, but have not
been able to do so. Are Regular Expressions the only answer? I've also
looked for CRAN packages but haven't found any.
Bering a newbie user of R, I do not possess the requisite knowledge to
write my own function for the above objective.

Thank you for your time
Decisions Systems Group
Mu Sigma Inc.
Chicago, IL

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