[R] count the cumulative for each subject

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I actually took a look at the ave function, but couldn't manage to get it 
But when I try your code, I get "Error in as.vector(x, mode) : invalid 
argument 'mode'".
Any ideas?


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bartjoosen wrote:
> How about:
> tapply(dat$x1,dat$subject,function(x) cumsum(x))
> which gives you a list for each subject.
> this can be converted to a vector:
> do.call("c",tapply(dat$x1,dat$subject,function(x) cumsum(x)))
> So if your data frame is ordered for your subjects:
> cbind(your.data.frame,do.call("c",tapply(dat$x1,dat$subject,function(x)
> cumsum(x))))

Sounds like a job for the eternally overlookked ave() function:

with(dat, ave(x1, subject, cumsum))

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