[R] TSP package and Concorde

Jeszenszky Peter jeszenszky.peter at inf.unideb.hu
Tue Nov 25 10:55:52 CET 2008

   I would like to use Concorde from R to solve TSP instances with
       solve_TSP(tsp, method="Concorde")
   Concorde is installed properly but the result is the following error:
       found: concorde.exe
       N\Users\jeszy\AppData: No such file or directory
       Couldn't open N\Users\jeszy\AppData for output
   My OS is Windows Vista. I run R with administrator privileges. I think
   concorde.exe called from R should also run with administrator privileges,
   but this is not the case.
   Any idea how to solve the problem?
   Best regards,
   Peter Jeszenszky

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