[R] creating a new vecotr in a for loop

PDXRugger J_R_36 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 26 00:19:34 CET 2008

I have consulted the intro and nabble but have not found an answer to what
should be a simple question, here goes:

I am doing a crosscheck of a data frame and pulling out a single value based
on an inputted value ie based on x i will select y, or if x =2 then my code
returns 7.  

x    y
1   4
2   7
3   10
4   2

My code currently iterates through for as many times as the length of the x
dataframe.  What i would like to do is then is to build a vector for those
values selected.  so if vector x  = 1,4,7 then "new-y" would equal 4, 2, 3.  

x    y
1   4
2   7
3   10
4   2
5   21
6   13
7  3
8  90

I need to ultimetly re-sort my x vector based on the values of y but the
function i am using is the subset function and i cant do it without y being
a vector itself and it is currently only a one value object.

#Creates test Candidates Vector

#Creates object equaling the number of candidate TAZs from the main script
Location Choice Model

	for(i in 1:NumCands1){	
	#Renames Location Choice Model generated TAZ's object

	#Converts Development size from main script to Development density function

	#This is my "y" value in the example i gave above, this is the value that i
need put into a           #          vector, a vector that should have as
many values as there are number of candidates
	#Creates new vector based on adaquate vacancy in the TAZ and the
development to be located	
	Newcands=subset(Loc_Mod_TAZ, TAZDetermine_FEET>=Dev_Size) 

Thanks for the help
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