[R] eclipse and R

Ruud H. koning r.h.koning at rug.nl
Wed Nov 26 11:00:53 CET 2008

Hello, I am trying to install Eclipse and R on an amd64 machine running 
Suse linux 9.3. I have compiled R 2.8.0 with --enable-R-shlib and it 
seems that compilation was successfull. After starting R, I installed 
the latest rJava package, from the output:
checking whether JRI is requested... yes
cp src/libjri.so libjri.so
It seems JRI support has been compiled successfully. However, when I try 
to open R from within Eclipse, I receive an error message:

Launching the R Console was cancelled, because it seems starting the 
Java process/R engine failed.
Please make sure that R package 'rJava' with JRI is installed.

I can open an R console from the command line, and attach the rJava 
library without problems. What am I doing wrong here?
Thanks, Ruud

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