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On 26-Nov-08 17:57:52, Andrew Choens wrote:
> [...]
> And, since I do work for government, if I ask for a roomful of
> calculators, I might just get them. And really, what am I going
> to do with a roomful of calculators?
> --andy
> Insert something humorous here.  :-)

Next time the launch of an incoming nuclear strike is detected,
set them to work as follows (following Karl Pearson's historical

  "Anti-aircraft guns all day long": Computing for the
     Ministry of Munitions
     JUNE BARROW GREEN (Open University)
   From January 1917 until March 1918 Pearson and his
   staff of mathematicians and human computers at the
   Drapers Biometric Laboratory worked tirelessly on
   the computing of ballistic charts, high-angle range
   tables and fuze-scales for AV Hill of the Anti-Aircraft
   Experimental Section. Things did not always go smoothly
   -- Pearson did not take kindly to the calculations of
   his staff being questioned -- and Hill sometimes had
   to work hard to keep the peace.

If you have enough of them (and Pearson undoubtedly did, so you
can quote that in your requisition request), then you might just
get the answer in time!

[ The above excerpted from http://tinyurl.com/6byoub ]

Good luck!

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