[R] 1-Pearson's R Distance

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Thu Nov 27 17:00:58 CET 2008

Hi Rodrigo, 

afaik, (1 - r_Pearson)/2 is used rather than 1 - r_Pearson. This gives a 
distance measure ranging between 0 and 1 rather than 0 and 2. But after all, 
dies does not change anything substantial.
see e.g. Theodoridis & Koutroumbas: Pattern Recognition. 

I didn't know of the proxy package, but the calculation it straightforward 
(though a bit wasteful I suspect: first the whole matrix is produced, and 
as.dist cuts it down again to a triangular matrix):

as.dist (0.5 - cor (t(x) / 2)) 

Take care wheter you want to use x or t(x).

HTH Claudia

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