[R] Reading mixed tables

Hesen Peng hesen.peng at emory.edu
Sun Nov 30 00:51:36 CET 2008

Dear R buddies,

This weekend I became interested in solving Google Code Jam problems
using R. I guess R may work very well in this kind of contests but the
input of file has been a problem for me. Take this case for example
the files are usually of the form:

A(number of lines for group 1)
a11 a12 a13
a21 a22 a23
B(number of lines for group 2)
b11 b12 b13
b21 b22 b23

I guess SAS may work pretty well in this kind of situation with data
step. But I don't know how to handle them using R. Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

Best wishes,
彭河森 Hesen Peng

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