[R] movie3d function in the rgl package

Daniel McGlinn daniel.mcglinn at okstate.edu
Wed Oct 1 17:45:00 CEST 2008

Dear list,

I am attempting to utilize the function "movie3d" in the package "rgl" 
to create a .gif animation of a 3d graphic.  I understand that this 
function requires that the program "ImageMagik" is installed, and I have 
recently downloaded and installed this program.  The R console does not 
report any errors, however all the .png files as well as the .gif files 
that are created by the function are all completely black.

My OS is Windows Vista Home, R v2.7.2, IMDisplay v1.0.  I have verified 
that IMDisplay is functioning by running this program for a different task.

Sample code (taken from ?movie3d):
plot3d( cube3d(col="green") )
M <- par3d("userMatrix")
movie3d( spin3d(), duration=5, dir="C:/R/R-2.7.2/bin/movie", clean=FALSE )
##R console reports the following
Writing movie000.png
Writing movie001.png
Writing movie050.png

Will create:  C:/R/R-2.7.2/bin/movie/movie.gif
Executing:  convert -delay 1x10 movie*.png movie.gif

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Daniel J. McGlinn, Botany Department, Oklahoma State University

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