[R] pvals.fnc in lme4 and languageR

Daniela Reicheneder Daniela.Reicheneder at tz.agrar.tu-muenchen.de
Wed Oct 1 21:55:56 CEST 2008

Hi everybody!

I was using the function pvals.fnc from package 'languageR' until April. 
I do not know which version. Yesterday I updated all my packages
and tried to run my loop again. Now I get the following error message:

error in pvals.fnc(mm, nsim = 1000) :
MCMC sampling is not yet implemented in lme4_0.999375-27
for models with random correlation parameters

I guess it´s because of updating the packages. Can anybody tell me what
I can do that I can run my loop again.

The command I´m using is:
pvals<-pvals.fnc(mm,nsim=10000) where mm is an lmer-object

Is there any appropriate command, which I can use with the newer

I hope it´s not a too stupid question and I described it well, because
I´m not very good in statistics.

Thank a lot for your help,

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