[R] How do one suggest a patch for the Foreign package

fsando fsando at fs-analyse.dk
Thu Oct 2 08:44:32 CEST 2008

Hi I believe I have long time solution to the problems with the 
read.spss() funtion.

In non-ascii locales the import of spss files into R  has consistently 
   produced errors and sometimes wouldn't allow import at all.

I've made a custom version of the read.spss() function that appear to 
solve the problem for good. I may of course be wrong here.

I believe the problem is that read.spss() tries to guess the codepage of 
the incoming spss file. In some (many?) non-ascii locales it mostly gets 
it wrong. The simple solution is to give the user the option to 
specifically tell read.spss() which codepage to expect and which 
codepage to translate to.

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