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hadley wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 17:41:35 CEST 2008

ggplot2 ------------------------------------------------------------

ggplot2 is a plotting system for R, based on the grammar of graphics,
which tries to take the good parts of base and lattice graphics and
avoid bad parts. It takes care of many of the fiddly details
that make plotting a hassle (like drawing legends) as well as
providing a powerful model of graphics that makes it easy to produce
complex multi-layered graphics.

Find out more at http://had.co.nz/ggplot2, and check out the nearly 500
examples of ggplot in use.

ggplot2 0.7 introduces a new theming system which allows you to
control (almost) every aspect of the appearance of the plot.  This
system is documented in the book chapter "Polishing your plots for
publication", available from

Bugs fixed

* geom_boxplot: now displays outliers even if only one present
* geom_jitter: setting one jitter direction to 0 now works
* geom_segment: should now work correctly in all coordinate systems
(note that arrows only work in Cartesian coordinates)
* ggsave: correctly uses dpi for raster devices and default dpi
changed to 72 (thanks to Brian Ripley for pointing this out)
* ggsave: current device no longer closes if error occurs
* position_jitter: now works correctly with 0 jitter
* remove_missing: some statistics were calculated incorrectly when
missing values were present
* scales: extra scales ignored (again)
* scales: legends respect fixed parameters of the layer
* scales: legends won't appear when aesthetics are mapped to NULL, or
set to fixed value
* scales: xend and yend now transformed correctly
* scale_date: breaks are now rounded to correct position

New functionality

* geom_point: can now control colour and fill separately for point
glyphs with borders
* geom_step: now has parameter direction which can take values vh
(vertical then horizontal) or hv (horizontal then vertical) describing
the shape of the stairs
* qplot: new asp argument to set aspect ratio
* qplot: now captures the environment in which it was run, which
should make it much more robust at finding the variables you expect it
to find
* qplot: now treats any arguments wrapped in I() as parameters, not
aesthetics, e.g. qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars, colour = I("red")) or
qplot(mpg, wt, data=mtcars, size = I(5))
* scale_continuous: new minor_breaks argument to controls position of
minor breaks
* scale_discrete: new discrete position scales which make it possible
to manually position elements
* scale_gradientn: new colour scale which creates gradient between any
list of colours

More consistent interfaces

* can use color instead of colour, and old R names throughout ggplot2
* geom_jitter: Arguments changed to height and width to match other
position adjustments
* scales: any point outside of limits is dropped (this was previously
the behaviour for discrete scales, but not continuous scales)
* scales: limits are consistent across discrete and continuous scales
(limits c(1, NA) form no longer works for continuous scales)
* scales: order of legends reversed to match order of x axis (and to
be consistent with previous versions)
* scale_date: new limits argument to set axis limits
* scale_discrete: all discrete scales accept breaks argument
* scale_discrete: all discrete scales have limits and labels argument
to better control legends
* scale_discrete: character and logical vectors now reliably treated
as discrete scales
* stat_density2d, geom_density2d: density2d used consistently (instead
of density_2d in some places)

Improved aesthetics

* coord_polar: more tweaks to grid lines to enhance appearance
* coord_polar: new expand argument to control whether axes should be
expanded outside the range of the data
* geom_contour, geom_smooth, geom_quantile: now use blue lines
* position_stack, position_dodge: should be more informative if
conditions for stacking/dodging not met
* position_jitter: default amount of jittering tweaked to align with
boxplots etc.
* scales: background colour of legends key matches plot
* themes: Complete rewrite of theming system, see new book chapter for details
* themes: direct access to plot options via $ is now disabled

Improved documentation and error messages

* facet_grid: documentation improved
* qplot: Better error messages when needed variables are missing
* scale_discrete: improved error message for too many values in domain
* scale_size: improved documentation for discrete variables
* online documentation generally tweaked and primped to work a little
better and look a little nicer
* website now includes a search box
* links from rdoc now point to correct pages


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