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Hello Senne:

I am currently teaching a simulation and modeling course in which we use R for most purposes and Sim Py (a python module for discrete event simulation).  I am looking for a real-life case such as yours to approach in class- if you wish, i would be happy to look into the case you are describing, along with the data, to work out in the course.  If you are interested, please reply with more information as to what your requirements are.



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> Dear list,
> I met with a business case and feel frustrated to model
> it,scenario is like
> this
> 1. logistics department running
> 2. a lot of customers place orders and goods need to be
> send to their site
> (nationwide)
> 3. order received and then choose from a list of truck
> carriers to deliver
> goods,a cheapest one should be selected but might not
> available for the
> limit of order-shipment time,so a more expensive one has to
> be used.
> this logistics department run the process on case-by-case
> basis ,no forecast
> from sale department and no bargain power against carriers.
> I have past 2
> years order history and freight history,on which some
> descriptive statistics
> is done and result is really ugly,expensive carriers were
> used
> extensively.I'm trying to find some ways to benchmark
> or optimize the
> process,but due to my lack of statistics modeling skills(
> I'm from
> accounting background and luckily because I have used R to
> show some
> improvement in past analysis,I'm asked to deal with
> this :(
> really can't find the clue where to start.I'll very
> appreciate if anyone can
> point  me to the right direction(books ,papers, or similar
> situations might
> be examined many times) .
> thanks
> -- 
> jon at 3605195446
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