[R] horizontal boxplot + xlim

Antje niederlein-rstat at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 6 16:36:06 CEST 2008

Richard.Cotton at hsl.gov.uk schrieb:
>> I get a strange behaviour of a boxplot with the following code. 
>> There seems to 
>> be a problem with the xlim-parameter. Did I do anything wrong? What 
>> else can I 
>> do to force the boxplot to have a defined x-range?
>> x <- rnorm(100)
>> boxplot(x, notch=TRUE, xlab=parameter, xlim <- c(-4,4), horizontal = 
> Did you mean xlim = c(-4,4) in that statement, rather than '<-'?

True, I made a mistake here. Still, I have problems to visualize my data (not 
the example code I used). I just see a flat line instead a proper plot...

Another example code with creating a strange plot:

x <- rnorm(100) + 100
maxval <- max(x)
boxplot(x, notch=TRUE, xlim = c(0,maxval), horizontal = TRUE)

Any idea?


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> Richie.
> Mathematical Sciences Unit
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