[R] Creating GUIs for R

[Ricardo Rodriguez] Your XEN ICT Team webmaster at xen.net
Thu Oct 9 09:02:46 CEST 2008

Greg Snow wrote:
> http://rcom.univie.ac.at/
> Or just install the RExcelInstaller package and run the installRExcel function.
> A  book on the interface will be coming out sometime in Winter.
> --
> Gregory (Greg) L. Snow Ph.D.
> Statistical Data Center
> Intermountain Healthcare
> greg.snow at imail.org
> 801.408.8111
Thank you, Greg. Great work.

I guess this is a Windows-only utility, isn't it? We are working on Mac,  is there any chance of getting this server working in Mac?



Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team

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