[R] Creating GUIs for R

Graham Williams Graham.Williams at togaware.com
Sun Oct 12 07:10:46 CEST 2008

Received Fri 10 Oct 2008  5:21am +1100 from Greg Snow:

> I am not involved in the RExcel project.  I have just had some
> discussions with the people that are, so you should contact them for
> specific questions.  I believe that this currently only works on
> windows, there was some mention of possibly expanding it to
> OpenOffice so that it would be cross platform, but I have no idea if
> that has made it past the "good idea" stage.

I saw it demo'd on OpenOffice calc at UseR! 2008 as I recall --- it looked
good. It was not yet released.

For quick GUIs specialised for specific tasks, I use the Glade tool to
graphically build the GUI - very quick and easy. Glade saves the GUI
specs into XML. The RGtk2 package in R can read that XML file and
display the GUI. The callbacks (i.e., the functionality called upon
when you click a GUI button) are simply R functions.

(Rattle is implemented this way.)


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