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Hi Miltinho,

There is a brief review on issues about and a new method for modelling
presence-only data in DOI 10.1007/s10531-007-9270-7. Hope it is useful.


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Dear all,
I have strong interest on Ecological Niche Model, which in general use a set
of environmental variables (continuous, categorical etc) and Presence (or
Presense/Absence) records for species. I think that "grasp" and "adehabitat"
packages could help me on these tasks.
My input layers are on ASC format, and the record of species is a data-frame
with X, Y, name of species. Note that in general we don´t have real absence

Could someone give some advice how can I use "grasp" and/or "adehabitat" to
generate my predictive models?

Best regards,

Miltinho AStronauta

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