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I forgot to mention to you the web site: www.rpad.org.  You can view that site to see how well Rpad will look using your configuration.  I only have Windows and I recall that under Firefox my page didn't work quite as well as it did with IE, but I don't know if that was my limited HTML skills or something inherent to Rpad.  I am also not on the latest version of Rpad, so its best to view official site to see how it will look.



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Hi Roger,

Bos, Roger wrote:
> I haven't heard Rpad mentioned yet, so I will mention it.  Rpad allows you to run R code inside a browser window.  You can many any kind of GUI you want using html forms and then call the R function from the html page.  The Apache/Rpad install works on any platform and anyone who uses it just need a browser.  I use it at my work to make my R function available to everyone else (none of whom know R).  Very happy with it.

Has you tried Safari or Firefox 3.0 running on Mac with your Rpad installation? I am not sure if I am getting a running local Rpad copy here. Thanks!



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