[R] Sweave from Kile

Matthieu Stigler matthieu.stigler at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 15:29:41 CEST 2008


Does anybody have experience with Sweave run from Kile? I'm trying to 
make it run but have problems and don't know if the instructions are 
false or I do something wrong (my knowledge in bash and shell is too low 
to understand it)...

I discovered recently Sweave and wanted to run it from my latex editor, 
Kile. I found and followed these instructions:
> If you want to be able to call Sweave outside of R, you will need to 
> install a shell
> script (see footnote 4). To install the script, copy it to 
> /usr/local/bin, then open
> the Konsole program and type sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/Sweave.sh to 
> make it executable.
> Next, you may want to tell Kile where to find the Sweave.sh shell 
> script. Open
> Kile and click Settings → Configure Kile. Click the Tools tab on the 
> left-hand
> side of the preferences window, and select Build. Click the New Tool 
> button at the
> bottom of the preferences window. Name the new tool Sweave, click 
> next, and then
> Finish. In the resulting screen, type Sweave.sh in the top box, and 
> −ld \%source' in the
> bottom box.
I followed these instructions but have 2 problems:
1: finished with exit status 126
> SweaveOnly output:
> ***** cd '/media/Partition_Commune/Mes documents/Ordi/LaTex/Sweave'
> ***** Sweave.sh −ld '\example1Leisch.Rnw'
> *****
> /bin/bash: /usr/local/bin/Sweave.sh: Permission non accordée
in english: permission not given
Do you see where the problem is?

2: If I run kile with sudo (sudo Kile), the problem disappears but a new 
one comes
> SweaveOnly output:
> ***** cd '/media/Partition_Commune/Mes documents/Ordi/LaTex/Sweave'
> ***** Sweave.sh −ld '\example1Leisch.Rnw'
> *****
> Run Sweave and postprocess with LaTeX directly from command line
> −ld is not a supported file type!
> It should be one of: .lyx, .Rnw, .Snw., .nw or .tex
Is the instructions false? Or do I do something wrong?

Thank you much for your help!!

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