[R] [Solved] Re: Sweave from Kile

Gorjanc Gregor Gregor.Gorjanc at bfro.uni-lj.si
Tue Oct 14 10:01:23 CEST 2008

Hi Matthieu!

I am glad you solved your problem.

> Now I can compile direct from Kile! The only problem is that the command
> -ld only create the pdf, does not open it. Maybe are there other options
> from Script File of Gregor Gorjanc to compile with pdflatex (texi2dvi
> did not work) and open but I just made it from Kile: Settings->Configure
> Kile->Tools->Build->New Tool, configure it based on Archive for example,
> put the new command sweave  and then add any command to open (viewpdf in
> my case).

There are several arguments one can use with Sweave.sh. Try

Sweave.sh --help and you will get the help informtion.

Here is the relevant part about ways of compiling LaTeX and about direct
opening with Acrobat Reader or similar applications.

    There are now the following ways of LaTeX processing:

      Command and path Script option             Used tools
       - texi2dvi
          - PS          -tp, --texi2dvi2ps       texi2dvi and dvips
          - PS to PDF   -tld, --texi2dvi2ps2pdf  texi2dvi, dvips and ps2pdf
          - PDF         -td, --texi2dvi2pdf      texi2dvi with pdf option

       - latex
          - PS          -lp, --latex2dvi2ps      hardcoded set of 'latex and friends' and dvips
          - PS to PDF   -lld, --latex2dvi2ps2pdf hardcoded set of 'latex and friends', dvips and ps2pdf

       - pdflatex
          - PDF         -ld, --latex2pdf         hardcoded set of 'pdflatex and friends'

    Open produced files (PDF or Postscript) via options bellow, which are
    one step further of options above and always imply them:

    -otp=gv, --opentexi2dvi2ps=gv
    -otld=acroread, --opentexi2dvi2ps2pdf=acroread
    -otd=acroread, --opentexi2dvi2pdf=acroread
    -olp=gv, --openlatex2dvi2ps=gv
    -olld=acroread, --openlatex2dvi2ps2pdf=acroread
    -old=acroread, --openlatex2pdf=acroread
      Files are opened with given application. Defaults are values taken
      from environmental variables PDFAPP and PSAPP. If these are not
      defined 'acroread' is taken for PDF and 'gv' for Postscript. Quotes
      are necessary in case of "bad" filenames.


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