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> Hi ,
> I am having serious trouble doing this homework. I am using
> R for doing the homework. I am having the following specific
> problem:
> a) when I input the data using the command > Wbdc
> <-read.table("wdbc.txt")  I do not see the
> data.

Your attachment did not reach me.  However : 
Type wdbc
If you have read in the data correctly you will see the data.frame
R does not automatically show things.  You need to ask :)

> b) When I want to run histogram using command >
> hist(area) I get an error message,
> Error in hist(area) : object "area" not found.

R probably cannot find the variable "area". Assuming that area is a variable in the dataframe wdbc you can try:  hist(wdbc$area)

I'd suggest that you have a look at some of the basic tutorials or other papers in the R collection. You need to get a better idea of how the basic components of R work.  Dr. Kim's tutorial at http://www.math.ilstu.edu/dhkim/Rstuff/Rtutor.html may be helpful

Otherwise go to the R home page and click on Other in the left hand column and then select contributed documenation.  Kickstarting R is quite good and Icebreaker R looks promising but I have only glanced at it.   

There is also the Introduction to R  but my personal opinion is that this is an excellent document ONCE you have some idea of how R works.  It is not really good for a neofite trying to use R for the first time.

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