[R] A question about Heatmap for data with just 2 columns

feishi feishi2 at uic.edu
Tue Oct 14 23:45:08 CEST 2008

Hi, I have a question about heatmap. I have a data with row as microRNA and
two columns are two cell expression values for these microRNA. So, like:

              cell1    cell2
miRNA1    1.5     3.4
miRNA2    1.3     2.4
miRNA50    5     2.1
miRNA51    7.3     0.5

I want to see some miRNA are high in cell1 and low in cell2 but others are
low in cell1 and high in cell2. I use heatmap.2(dataset, col=redgreen(50),
But I can only see two colors represent high and low values. Actually, i
want to see there are color variation in high values area too(rather than
just one color in high value area and one color in low value area). You know
what I mean? I know I have two columns so they just use two color to
represent the rank. But i want to see within high value area, there are
colors represent differences. But i don't think scale argument could be set
as "both"? Hope you can help me. Thank you.

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