[R] problems using AFDM(FactoMineR)

Birgitle birgit.lemcke at systbot.uzh.ch
Wed Oct 15 19:44:22 CEST 2008

Hello R-list members!

I tried to do the following with my dataset that contains factor and
numerics, (80columns,about 600 rows)

Dataset.afdm<-AFDM(Dataset[282:595,], type=TypeVector, ncp=3)
Fehler in svd(X) : infinite or missing values in 'x'

 [1] "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n"
"n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n"
"n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n"
[46] "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "s"
"s" "s" "s" "s" "s" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n" "n"

If I do


I get only FALSEs as answer or perhaps I should better say I can only see
FALSE but tha dataset is huge.
The given example for AFDM works.

Can somebody give me a hint, perhaps also how I could let me show only NA or
infinite values?
Many thanks for help in advance and sorry for not giving reproducible code
but there is maybe something going wrong with my dataset.


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