[R] MCMClogit: using weights

reezwan you reez88 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 19 03:52:34 CEST 2008

Hi everyone: I am just wondering how can I use weights with MCMClogit function (in MCMCpack package). For example, in case of glm function as given below, there is weights option in the arguments. Aparently there is no option of using weights in MCMClogit. 

glm(formula, family = gaussian, data, weights, subset,
    na.action, start = NULL, etastart, mustart,
    offset, control = glm.control(...), model = TRUE,
    method = "glm.fit", x = FALSE, y = TRUE, contrasts = NULL, ...)

MCMClogit(formula, data = parent.frame(), burnin = 1000, mcmc = 10000,
   thin=1, tune=1.1, verbose = 0, seed = NA,  beta.start = NA,
   b0 = 0, B0 = 0, user.prior.density=NULL, logfun=TRUE,
   marginal.likelihood=c("none", "Laplace"), ...)

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