[R] TINN-R's "R Explores" - Available for other editors?

Tobias Verbeke tobias.verbeke at telenet.be
Tue Oct 21 10:21:43 CEST 2008

Hi Stefan,

> I am using TINN-R for working with R and for that purpose it is a very
> handy editor, in particular the R-Explorer that shows the existing
> objects and their properties is worth money.
> But I want to move to a more flexible editor (in particular for Latex)
> and was thinking of WinEdt (or maybe Eclipse, because of Java). I know
> they have capabilities to work directly with R, but has any other
> editor the same capabilities when it comes down to the R-Explorer?

StatET (the Eclipse plug-in for R) has very good Sweave support:
- Sweave document templates
- content assist for creating new code chunks (with templates)
- the basic behaviour of the R-script editor
   inside code chunks (highlighting, submit to console etc.)
- possibility to define several document building configurations
   (and actions [buttons/keyboard shortcuts] that build the document
    and open it in a viewer in one go)

There currently is no object explorer yet in StatET. Something very
interesting, though, is the Outline View for R scripts which shows
in an outline what packages are loaded, what classes, methods and
functions defined etc. One could consider this to be a
"The-Source-is-Real"-equivalent of an object-browser...

Kind regards,

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