[R] SPSS to R conversion "error in iconv..."

Maria Gouskova gouskova at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 18:59:49 CEST 2008

Dear R users,

I am trying to get R to read an .sav data file generated in SPSS 17
for Mac. Here is the command and the error message:

> data = read.spss('/Users/userdir/Desktop/filename.sav')

Error in iconv(names(rval), cp, "") : unsupported conversion
In addition: Warning message:
In read.spss("/Users/userdir/Desktop/filename.sav") :
  /Users/userdir/Desktop/filename.sav: File-indicated character
representation code (28591) looks like a Windows codepage

I understand the source of the Warning message and am not too
concerned about this, but I could not find any information about this
particular Error message. Does anyone have suggestions or know how to
get around this?

This is in R 2.7.2, R.app GUI 1.25. Any help would be appreciated--I
am an R newbie.


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