[R] How to save/load RWeka models into/from a file?

Paulo Cortez pcortez at dsi.uminho.pt
Tue Oct 21 16:47:22 CEST 2008

Kurt Hornik wrote:
>>>>>> Paulo Cortez writes:
> Using a current version of rJava, you can register the Java side objects
> for serialization using .jcache().
> E.g.,
>   m1 <- J48(Species ~ ., data = iris)
>   .jcache(m1$classifier)
> then save/load will work as expected.
> Eventually, the above may happen automagically.
> -k

Thanks, it works quite well in my MacOS.

Yet, in a linux machine (Fedora 9, R version 2.7.2, latest rJava and 
RWeka versions has found in the berkeley server), sometimes the save 
function produces a Segmentation fault. Since I am working with large 
datasets (email filtering), I wonder if there is any 
bug/limitation/problem of rJava/RWeka for large models (e.g. NaiveBayes 
with more than 1000 inputs).

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