[R] pdf creation error

Stephan Kolassa Stephan.Kolassa at gmx.de
Tue Oct 21 21:28:09 CEST 2008

Hi JD,

do you have the pdf open in some app, e.g., Acrobat Reader? If the file 
is open, R can't write on it. My (German) errors in this case look like 

Fehler in pdf(paste(pic.directory, "/full_map.pdf", sep = "")) :
   unable to start device pdf
Zusätzlich: Warning message:
In pdf(paste(pic.directory, "/full_map.pdf", sep = "")) :
   cannot open 'pdf' file argument 'Pictures/full_map.pdf'

Just close the Acrobat Reader or whatever.


j daniel schrieb:
> Hello -
> I am trying to create a pdf file in R, but I keep getting an error that says
> it cannot open the pdf device.  Here is the code and output:
>> pdf(file="test.pdf")
> Error in pdf(file = "test.pdf") : unable to start device pdf
> In addition: Warning message:
> In pdf(file = "test.pdf") : cannot open 'pdf' file argument 'test.pdf'
> Until yesterday I could use the pdf() function without problems, so I am not
> sure what happened.  The error does not go away if I restart R or restart my
> computer.  Any ideas???

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