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Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 21 23:32:45 CEST 2008

Boyce, Morgan <morgan.boyce <at> bankofamerica.com> writes:


> 	y.JIBqq[,1][y.JIBqq[,1]> y.JIBqq[,2]]<-'up move'
> 	y.JIBqq[,1][y.JIBqq[,1]< y.JIBqq[,2]]<-'down move'

 Your first command above makes y.JIBqq[,1] into a
character vector (rather than numeric), which then
makes the subsequent comparison complicated/tricky
(it will be a lexical, rather than a numeric one --
for example, consider the fact that
"-0.01">"0.001"  is TRUE)

  A better way to do what you want is
probably something like 

## read in data
x <- read.table("miscdate.txt",
rownames(x) <- as.character(x[,1])
x <- x[,-1]

## at this point I have something like your y.JIBqq
move <- ifelse(x[,1]>x[,2],'up move','down move')
x <- data.frame(x,move)

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