[R] Think I'm sure, but confirm: lme4 vs. nlme

Mitchell Maltenfort mmalten at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 16:41:04 CEST 2008

The impression I get from the list and the references I've perused is
that nlme is being phased out in favor of lme4, but lme4 still doesn't
have a complete feature set yet.

What I'm still fuzzy on, being a relative R newbie, is:

(a) what features in nlme are currently missing in lme4
(b) what's the projected time frame on getting them implemented.

If anyone can answer my naive and impertinent question in a friendly,
helpful and informative manner[1], I would be delighted.  Thanks!

[1] Or, translated from craven, "please don't ignite a flame war on my
no-account account"


Due to the recession, requests for instant gratification will be
deferred until arrears in scheduled gratification have been satisfied.

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