[R] Saving kruskal wallis p-values

lave0083 at umn.edu lave0083 at umn.edu
Wed Oct 22 17:18:27 CEST 2008

Hi everyone, 

I am working on analyzing spectra which requires hundreds of kruskal wallis 
tests to be performed. Once significant results are found post tests are 
performed ect. My questions are: how do I perform all these kw tests and 
save just the pvalues in a table? Is there anyway to have R automatically 
perform post tests if a result of p<0.05 is found? Currently when I run the 
test for one point on the spectra these are the results I get:

Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test

data:  X175 by treatment 
Kruskal-Wallis chi-squared = 22.9769, df = 9, p-value = 0.006249

Any help on this would be appreciated. I am just trying to streamline all 
this analysis.


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