[R] plotting matrix

stephen sefick ssefick at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 00:35:48 CEST 2008

a <- c(1:26)
b <- rnorm(25)
e <- rnorm(25)
f <- rnorm(25)
g <- data.frame(b,e, a,f)

I would like to plot a agianst all possibilities and then shoot it out
to a pdf one graph per page.  I think it would be okay to have this as
a lattice plot or a ggplot with many graphs per page.  I can figure
all of that out I think, but I need something like
r <- as.matrix(g)
plot(.~a, data=r)

I think I am missing something.  This is for a much larger data frame
with named columns and I would like the name of the column to be the
name on the y-axis or the main label...  On top of this I would like
to  add a smooth into the mix loess.

something like this maybe

qplot(a, b, data=g)+geom_smooth()

but with the previous stipulations

thanks for all of your help - I looked at the mail archives and tried
plotmat, but this didn't seem to do whaqt I wanted.


Stephen Sefick
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