[R] Interpretation of t.test results

Fernando Marmolejo Ramos fernando.marmolejoramos at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Oct 23 08:12:13 CEST 2008

Dear Omar

Your t.test is telling that the 2 groups are not different. Now it is not clear
if you want to compute the CI for the difference or for each group. If the
former, then the outputs provides you with that information.

It’d be clearer if you provide the full syntax of your t.test. For example,
let’s suppose I have 2 groups as vectors “a” and “b”, they are independent, they
have similar homogeneity, I want to use a two-tailed test, and I want a 95%CI
for the difference, so I type

t.test(a, b, alternative = c("two.sided"), paired = FALSE, var.equal = TRUE,
conf.level = 0.95)



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