[R] multiple visualisation of a bootstrap

Fernando Marmolejo Ramos fernando.marmolejoramos at adelaide.edu.au
Fri Oct 24 13:03:25 CEST 2008

Dear R team

Jim Lemon recently said regarding new improvements in PrettyR and plotrix:
“Remember, it is your whingeing and moaning that have helped to make these
packages what they are today.”

So, this is my whinge: out there is a freeware called Vista, which runs, among
other things, bootstrap analyses. Most of the numerical reports given by Vista
can be done using packages such as “boot”, “bootstrap”, and “simpleboot”. I’ve
not explored all the functions in these packages thoroughly (very casually), but
the first thing I noticed is that the graphical output is majorly histograms.
Vista offers a so-called Multiple Visualisation (MV) of the output of a
bootstrap (it shows on the same window scatter plots for a particular variable
showing the bootstrapped CI, a scatter plot of the evolution of the bootstrapped
mean over many sample sizes, a box plot, a QQ plot, and a histogram).

I wonder if there is any manner in which this sort of MV could me mimicked by R
in the case of bootstrap. My best guess is that I’d have to create a 3 by 2
frame an insert each graph separately or maybe resort to Trellis graphics
 am I
right? Does anyone have a more sophisticated solution?



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