[R] Is there anyway to clip the bottom of a barplot?

Peter Dalgaard P.Dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Oct 24 14:40:33 CEST 2008

Stefan Uhmann wrote:
> Dear list,
> are there any (late) sugestions on this issue? I'm trying to produce a
> bad example for my students and I am not able to produce it using R!
> Would not have been a problem with SPSS. Mighty R ..

<grin> Yes we do have the problem that occasionally we'd like to have
implementations of dubious methods. Stepwise variable selection comes to

You might have better luck with lattice and barchart() which has an
origin= argument, as we learned in another recent thread.

> Arthur Roberts schrieb, Am 29.07.2008 06:23:
>> Hi, all,
>> I need to show only values in a barplot from say 4-12.  When I do 
>> this, values below 4 are not cutoff.  I would appreciate any input 
>> into how I could cut the bottom part of the bar off.

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