[R] Error Running TinnR with R

Yihui Xie xieyihui at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 09:42:49 CEST 2008

Currently there are some problems with the building of Hmisc binary
package; see CRAN for more information.

My suggestion is you can remove (or comment out) the code lines not to
use Hmisc for Tinn-R until it's available again on CRAN. As for me, I
merely use two expressions in Rprofile.site and I have removed all the
other code, as I don't need other functions of Tinn-R:

.trPaths = c(
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/search.txt',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/objects.txt',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/file.r',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/selection.r',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/block.r',
  'C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/Tinn-R/tmp/lines.r')

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On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 7:08 PM, bg708 <bgarciacarreras at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I managed to get it to work this way (changing the Rprofile.site file) with
> R2.7.2. I then made the mistake of updating to R2.8, and it stopped working.
> Now changing the Rprofile.site file does nothing, and sending a block of
> code gives me the "Error in source(.trPaths[5], echo = T) : object
> ".trPaths" not found" error message. I triple checked all the additional
> lines in the Rprofile.site file, path for .trPaths is correct. One point of
> note is that Hmisc package appears not to be available.
> Thanks for any help you could give me! Otherwise it might be wise to revert
> back to R2.7.2 or use the previous Tinn-R version.
> Bernardo

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