[R] Transferring results from R to MS Word

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Sun Oct 26 15:29:33 CET 2008

on 10/26/2008 08:58 AM Tom Backer Johnsen wrote:
> To reply to myself, for anything that can be coerced into a table
> (matrices, vectors) the best solution seems to to use the write.table ()
> function to write a .csv file, which is easily opened with a spreadsheet.
> The alternative is to use the HTML2clip () function (or the HTML
> function) in the R2HTML library and then paste the clipboard into Excel.
>  That alternative seems to be OK for objects as returned by the lm ()
> function, but little else.  Among other things, the function is
> extremely heavyhanded in respect to rounding.  To see what I mean, try
> HTML2clip (mean(attitude)).
> So, are there any other alternatives?
> Tom

I don't think that I have seen this mentioned, but you might want to
look at Max Kuhn's ofdWeave package, which provides functionality
similar to Sweave, but for OpenOffice. If you can use OO in lieu of MS
Office, or generate the tables in OO documents and then save the
document in a MS Office file format, you might consider going that route.



Marc Schwartz

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