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>>>> Any timing is of course your decision, but my
>>> observation (being one of my company's test cases for updating
>>> office) is that transitioning from MSWord 2003 to OpenOffice
>>> Writer will be less work/stress than transitioning from MSWord
>>> 2003 to MSWord 2007.
>>> That agrees with my own observation, I have Office 2007 installed
>>> and often have to hunt around for things.  However, I looked at 
>>> OpenOffice some time ago, and one of the impressions that remains
>>> is that it took a long time to load.  I may be wrong about that.
>>> Tom
>> I believe that OpenOffice.org has been addressing this problem but
>> it seems to be very idiosycratic. I have found that OOo 2.3.1 and
>> 2.4.0 seem to load faster than MS Word 2007 on the same machine.
>> In fact I have never had any of OOo 2.x versions take more than
>> roughly 5 seconds to load on a XP with 1 GB memory. Others report
>> quite long loading times.
> Hello,
> I have found that Open Office does not accept imbedded postscript
> files, which is my output format of choice, when using R for
> plotting, et. al.. Grudgingly, I have to admit that MS Word does
> accept postscript files. So, when presentation has to be perfect, I
> use Latex.
> Will Open Office ever accept postscript?
> John

OOo perfectly accepts EPS files and has done so since early on. Since
circa OOo version 2, OOo will also generate preview images.

If you are having problems getting R EPS plots into OOo, see the Details
section of ?postscript or ?setEPS in recent versions of R. This has been
covered extensively on this list. Search the archives.

That being said, I almost never do that any longer and use Sweave for
all documents, including presentations, for which I use the Beamer package.


Marc Schwartz

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