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   From: "Simon Blomberg" <s.blomberg1 at uq.edu.au>
   Date: Tue, October 28, 2008 4:45 am
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   I  downloaded the trial version and during the installation it told me that
   I had to install R first (from CRAN). So it looks like the R-PLUS interface
   is separate from R. They do not distribute R with R-PLUS. I'm in no way
   associated with this company, and I don't want or need a GUI for my own
   work. And its a Windows program. So I won't be using R-PLUS.
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   2008/10/28  <rplus at experience-rplus.com>:
   >   To answer your question, we do not distribute R.  We distribute  R-PLUS.
    But your web site claims, in big capital letters, that R-plus is "THE
   REAL R". If you are not distributing R (the real real R, (c) The R
   Foundation), then this could be construed as false advertising.
    So I'm guessing that R-plus must be an add-on to the real real R, in
   which case you can't distribute R with R-plus under a non-free
   license. You can unbundle it though, and tell your users to 'first go
   get R'. I can't find an installation guide or a decent FAQ that
   confirms this. As a non-lawyer, I'd advise you to remove 'The Real R'
   from the web site and instead put 'Works With The Real R'. And explain
   this in the FAQ. And give a link to www.r-project.org.
    Oh, btw, I'd fix your blog links: go to:
   [3]http://www.experience-rplus.com/blog.asp?b=act  and click a
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