[R] Recommended R books by XLSolutions Corporation

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 28 20:48:46 CET 2008

David M Smith <david <at> revolution-computing.com> writes:

> David Andrew Smith from XL Solutions emailed me privately to clear up the
> confusion, too (thanks, David A).  To avoid any future confusion, I'll use
> my middle initial (M) from now on.
> To get this thread back to R and statistics, there might be an interesting
> counting problem here somewhere. :)  What are the chances that two David
> Smiths could both be working for companies in the US that support R?
> I'm not a geneaologist, but the US census bureau publishes some statistics
> on the frequency of names here:
> http://www.census.gov/genealogy/names/names_files.html

  See also


  Ben Bolker

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