[R] reshape bug?

stephen sefick ssefick at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 19:51:15 CET 2008

Hadley et al.,
I was using the cast function to reshape some data (aggregate a melted
data frame) and I did not put in the fill and for the most part the
values that came out were fine, but there were value great than an
order of magnitude from the actual value.  When I put in the fill
argument everything is okay.  I don't provide a reproducible example
because the data set is to large to post to the list, but if you would
like to see it then I can provide it.

#this works
cast(x, Date+RiverMile+location~Order, sum, fill=0)

#this doesn't
cast(x, Date+RiverMile+location~Order, sum)

R version 2.8.0 (2008-10-20)

LC_COLLATE=English_United States.1252;LC_CTYPE=English_United
States.1252;LC_NUMERIC=C;LC_TIME=English_United States.1252

attached base packages:
[1] splines   grid      stats     graphics  grDevices utils
datasets  methods   base

other attached packages:
[1] ggplot2_0.7        MASS_7.2-44        RColorBrewer_1.0-2
proto_0.3-8        reshape_0.8.1      plyr_0.1.1


Stephen Sefick
Research Scientist
Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy

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so little or so large that all they really do for us is puff us up and
make us feel like gods.  We are mammals, and have not exhausted the
annoying little problems of being mammals.

								-K. Mullis

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