[R] embed in webpage

Ista Zahn izahn at psych.rochester.edu
Sun Feb 1 00:26:20 CET 2009

Hi all,
I want to use R to provide participants in psychology experiments with
their scores on various measures. I looked around and found several
programs designed to do this. I settled on Rpad because it seemed easy
to set up and use. I have it working (see
http://realpsychresearch.org/blog/feedback-web-based-studies ), but
there is a problem. I need to select the data corresponding to the
current participant. The data is stored in a MySQL database, and the
id number is accessible with javascript from the survey page. The way
I have it set up now uses iframes to pull in a page stored in the Rpad
directory, so I can't plug in the correct id number. What I'd really
like is to be able to embed R in any arbitrary web page. Does anyone
know if this is possible with Rpad? Does anyone have other ideas for
solving this problem? I also have the rapache module installed on my
server, but I'm not sure from reading the documentation if it can do
what I want.


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