[R] Letter-based representation of pairwise comparisons

retama retama1745 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 11:20:01 CET 2009

I solved it. It was quite easy:

Because each test is a list, it's necessary to specify which element
contains the comparison matrix (p values). Let me show it:

An object of class “pairwise.htest”
[1] "Wilcoxon rank sum test"

[1] "SAND and Organ"

            FlowerA     FlowerB     FlowerC     FlowerD     LeafA
FlowerB 0.000617030          NA          NA          NA        NA
FlowerC 0.000617030 0.004319210          NA          NA        NA
FlowerD 0.000617030 0.000617030 0.000617030          NA        NA
LeafA   0.006141902 0.006141902 0.006141902 0.006141902        NA
LeafC   0.000617030 0.000617030 0.000617030 0.000617030 0.3242459

[1] "bonferroni"

FlowerB FlowerC FlowerD   LeafA   LeafC 
    "a"     "b"     "c"     "d"     "e" 

Thank you!


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