[R] How do I get my IT department to "bless" R?

nashjc at uottawa.ca nashjc at uottawa.ca
Mon Feb 2 20:31:52 CET 2009

I won't burden the list with copies of earlier posts -- all of us have
experienced the frustration of dealing with folk who want to make their
life easier by making ours difficult. However, I have noted that a few
folk are starting to change attitudes. I was hired to give a training
session last June to a fairly large unit in the Canadian government that
realized a mix of Excel and SAS and SPSS and ... were leading to an
unmaintainable mess of small applications needed to handle the information
needed for core responsibilities. When an employee leaves a large
spreadsheet that contains the analytic and prediction model, it is
generally a VERY big job to maintain. The boss of the unit realized that
small R scripts could do a lot of the work and that dataframes and
spreadsheets are relatively easy to interchange if one avoids fancy
features. Thus it was feasible to use spreadsheets for data entry --
reducing training costs and "I don't know R" etc., though with some risks
-- and have some youngish new hires write the scripts to do the analysis
and reports that were needed every few days. If the folk involved are
reading this, I'll apologize in advance for over-simplifying.

The central theme here is "economic", in that it is making life easier for

John Nash

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