[R] New York Times - R - article a fraud?

eugene dalt eugenedalt at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 01:49:12 CET 2009

I worked on some ad data before and I found NYT article very biaised and not far from a fraud... Anyone knows if they got money from a - company -  to play 'R'?

Check out the title:   R U Ready for R?   Seems to me this title was stolen from   XLSolutions    www.xlsolutions-corp.com  and they never mentioned XLSolutions in the article!

They mentioned commercial R....never mentioned  R-PLUS (www.experience-rplus.com),  nor  RSTAT (http://random-technologies-llc.com). 

I attended Trevor's class and his comment on the article is alarming:

As a long time user of S, Splus and now R, I loved the article on R
until I read the paragraph on how it all started. 

I quote:
“According to them, the notion of devising something like R sprang up
during a hallway conversation. They both wanted technology better
suited for their statistics students, who needed to analyze data and
produce graphical models of the information. Most comparable software
had been designed by computer scientists and proved hard to use.”

This is grossly ungenerous to the original inventors of the wonderful S
language underlying the R system.

I think R community should report this fraudulent article to the NYT ed board. It's fraud, not journalism and someone has to say it! 

1- They got money for it....fine it's business as usual (unless someone knows someone and took some bribes). Yes... One company seems to appear many many times in the article...
2- It's a 'free' article, then it's rubish as usual.

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