[R] KS test for gumbel distribution

Wang Yi wangyi at mail.tea.ac.cn
Tue Feb 3 09:29:50 CET 2009

Dear all, 

I have a question about the ks.test() function, in order to perform a 
Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. 

I have a sample, and I fitted it to the 2-parameter gumbel distirbution using gum.fit
() fuction in the "ismev" package. I would like to perform a KS test if its 
distribution is gumble but I can't find useful information in ks.test help page. Can 
anyone tell me how to perform the ks test.

Thanks a lot for your help.

  Wang Yi
  START Regional Center for Temperate East Asia(TEA),
  Institute of Atmospheric Physics(IAP), 
  Chinese Academy of  Sciences(CAS), 
  Qijiahuozi Huayanli 40#, 
  P.O.Box 9804, Beijing 100029,China 
  E-mail:wangyi at tea.ac.cn

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