[R] Problems in Recommending R

hadley wickham h.wickham at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 20:05:56 CET 2009

>  > It might be good to put some mild restriction on the design:
>  >  * should be valid (x)html and css
> Of course (although the current page also does not validate without
> errors ;-)
>  >  * use the YUI css grid framework for layout
> Never heard about that one, but looks sensible.
>  >  * use jquery for any (subtle) animated or interactive effects
> Actually, I'd prefer no javascript at all if possible. Simply has
> better performance on old hardware (and R is used a lot in developing
> countries).

I don't think you should completely rule out javascript.  It's
possible to use it in ways that add to the utility of a page, while
not detracting from it if not available.



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