[R] arithmetic comparison over corresponding values from two vectors

Keith Jewell k.jewell at campden.co.uk
Tue Feb 10 18:26:41 CET 2009

sapply(trgroup, function(x) which(x>=starts & x <=ends))

works for your example data, but there's probably a better way



"T Joshi" <tejalonline at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:11417a880902100902w53664a3dq11aee64a963d8383 at mail.gmail.com...
> Hi,
> I have scenario in which I wish to check whether numeric values in one 
> array
> falls within the range of numbers defined over corresponding values in two
> other vectors:
> starts = c(12,45,67,110)
> ends=c(24, 58,102,150)
> trgroup=c(18,87)
> The result should be "1,3" , indices of vector starts/ends.
> which(trgroup>=starts & trgroup<=ends) wouldn't give required result.
> I don't want to write a for loop for doing this.  Kindly help with ideas.
> Josh

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