[R] cwhmisc package requests update all the time!

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Tue Feb 10 20:53:40 CET 2009

Nguyen Dinh Nguyen <n.nguyen <at> garvan.org.au> writes:

> Dear Christian,
> Every single time check update package, “cwhmisc” always requests updating.
> I’m aware that the package was latest updated in CRAN on 20Nov2008.
> Is there anything wrong with my R library or somethingelse?
> I use R 2.8.1 on Window XP service pack 2

   Have you installed packages in more than one place?
I think I've experienced such a phenomenon where R detected
that I had an old copy in a non-standard place, but updated the 
version in the default library location instead (and hence
asked to update it again the next time).
   If you post some more information about installed package
versions, lib.loc, etc. you might get a better diagnosis ...

  Ben Bolker

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